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1. You should know that this unrepentant hunter, Ron Thompson, who killed 5,000 elephants and said he "felt nothing," is now advising President Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana on what to do with their elephant population.

cc: @piersmorgan who grilled Thompson on his program

2. Why is the info in the tweet above important? Botswana (along with several other African nations) is considering a proposal to allow for trophy hunting of 🐘 again. Much more important, these nations want to sell their ivory stockpiles

(see next tweet)

3. Allowing Botswana and the other African nations to sell their ivory stockpiles would be a disaster for elephants. These nations will say that they're just selling old ivory.

But the last time ivory stockpiles were sold, elephant poaching increased by 60%

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