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Dear @marceelias, @SenBillNelson, and @AndrewGillum: I’m concerned re: the legitimacy of the reported totals in the 2018 Florida Governor’s & Senate races, as VR Systems (which was hacked by Russia) handles the reporting systems in 60 of 67 FL counties. 1/

Although there was a “manual recount” in the governor’s race, the only “manual” aspect of FL “manual recounts” is the ballots rejected by the machines. So I don’t consider the manual recount to have been meaningful. 2/

I’m wondering if your campaigns or @DNC or anyone else sent runners to the precincts to compare those precinct totals against the precinct totals reported by the counties’ and, if so, was hoping you would share what you found. 3/

If no such runners were sent to the precincts to check for inaccuracies, am I correct to conclude that the REPORTED precinct totals provided the basis for the OFFICIAL precinct totals, so that if the former was fraudulent (eg due to hacking), the latter wld also be fraudulent? 4/

Have you seen this troubling YkuTube video taken & published by Bennie Smith and @LuluFriesdat, which strongly suggests issues with Broward County’s online reporting system re: the governor’s race on election night? Thread. 5/

Article stating that VR Systems handles the reporting systems in 60 of 67 Florida counties and that those systems had problems in 2016 as well.  6/

It’s important for the public to know if ANYONE at all gets totals directly from the precincts to confirm the accuracy of the precinct totals reported by the counties via VR Systems. 7/

If no one is doing this, then the reported precinct totals ARE the official precinct totals (subject to addition of provisional ballots), correct? And we must expose this gaping security hole so we can correct it in 2020, right? 8/

Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you. 9/

PS. I tried to catch your attention on this issue in November 2018, but did not know back then that VR Systems handles Florida’s reporting system and had not seen the YouTube video showing problems w/ VR’s reporting system in Broward county. Thread. 10/


12/ Correction re: post 2. I should have said that FL’s manual recount law allows a manual recount only as to undervotes and over-votes. Either way, such purportedly “manual recounts” are wholly insufficient and thus a sham.

13/ Questions:
1. What is the process in Florida for moving from reported totals to official totals?
2. If the reported totals are fraudulent due to hacking of the online reporting system, would the fraudulent totals be incorporated into the official totals?
3. If not, why not?

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