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VR Systems which was hacked by Russia, handles Florida’s reporting systems in 60 of 67 FL counties. This video—taken and published by @LuluFriesdat and Bennie Smith—shows problems with the reporting system in Broward County on election night 2018!  1/

2/ Specifically, in the Broward County 2018 Senate Race, Vote by Category Data (early voting v Election Day v vote by mail) is missing for Nelson (but not Scott) in many precincts. This would have prevented anyone from confirming the legitimacy of reported precinct totals..

3/ ... by sending runners to the precincts to obtain those precinct totals from the poll tapes (which list the totals generated by each machine).

4/ Article stating that VR Systems handles the reporting systems in 60 of 67 Florida counties and that those systems had problems in 2016 as well .

5/ Questions:
1. What is the process in Florida for moving from reported totals to official totals?
2. If the reported totals are fraudulent due to hacking of the online reporting system, would the fraudulent totals be incorporated into the official totals?
3. If not, why not?

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