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Building a new app:

📧 Email to PDF Converter

1. Forward any email/receipt to [email protected]
2. We convert it to PDF and email it back to you. (Emails aren't stored 👻)
3. Receive your PDF. Forward it further or download.

Check it out 👇

This is perhaps the most niche product i've ever built.

The motivation is: accounting & accounting software (e.g. @Xero )

The problem is that @xero does not process HTML receipts. You need to send a PDF or and image to it for processing

I get ton of SaaS receipts that don't contain an attached PDF receipt/invoice. So I thought it would be convenient to just forward a receipt to an address ([email protected]) and get back a PDF version of it and forward it to @xero next.

That's exactly what i've built!

Here is a receipt from @papertrailapp and I forward it to [email protected]

Getting back an attached PDF with the receipt in it

👻 One of the features is that email content does not get stored on my servers. At the moment you just need to take my word for it — that i'm not storing anything.

However, how do I prove that nothing gets stored? (without publishing my source code) 🤔

Most important questions are:
🤔 What are the other use cases for this?
💰 What people / businesses might need this the most?
🛠️ What other features you'd like to have?

Considering adding @zapier support - so that you can add custom rules on what happens with your PDF after it gets converted.

Would that be useful? What would you use it for?

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