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The video clips show children singing and dancing to a pop song.

Members of Iran’s parliament have launched an investigation to identify those responsible for the videos, with some saying they should be fired and prosecuted.  https://lat.ms/2WWZpS2 

“I’m certain there’s some kind of political plot behind the publication of these devious clips in schools,” Iran’s education minister, Mohammad Bathaei, said last week.  https://lat.ms/2WWZpS2 

Such outrage is nothing new. Since the 1979 revolution that toppled the shah, conservative Islamic clerics have tried to reduce or eliminate the influence of Western culture.  https://lat.ms/2WWZpS2 

With the rise of social media, Iranian efforts to remain insular face a greater threat than ever. That’s because the entertainment that hard-liners have long abhorred are now spread throughout society at speeds faster than can be controlled.  https://lat.ms/2WWZpS2 

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