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Newly-elected Rep. Katie Porter was was hit with a surprise medical bill after her appendix burst, despite the fact that she received care from an in-network hospital.  https://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-congress-surprise-medical-billing-bipartisan-bill-20190521-story.html 

She's one of several in Congress who have thrown support behind legislation to address surprise medical billing.

Porter added that support for the legislation is a sign of how common the problem has become.  https://lat.ms/2WoNIGV 

With Congress mired in a standoff with the executive, Republicans and Democrats are struggling to garner support to get bills signed into law.

This legislation could be one of few bipartisan initiatives that make it to the president’s desk this year.  https://lat.ms/2Jw45va 

Last year, a bipartisan deal-making team in Congress tried to put together legislation to make minor changes to the Affordable Care Act, but it was bogged down by political disputes over abortion funding.  https://lat.ms/2VH59xM 

If successful, legislation to address surprise billing—or a broader healthcare bill—could amount to one of the most substantial policy efforts of this Congress.

Read more from @jenhab here:  https://lat.ms/2WoNIGV 

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