Adam Singer @AdamSinger Grew @GoogleAnalytics into most popular analytics product globally. Prev advised: $SPLK $MKTO @Eloqua @PRSA @Cision. 🎶 composer. 🐕 @dashthedingo. Investor. May. 21, 2019 1 min read

$ARWR up 1500% from end of 2016. Revenge of the chimps.

$ARWR now 30x from where I sold. Just buy whatever I sell you'd be rich. Knew it was going to be RNAi dark house like $QURE was the gene therapy one, just didn't have the conviction at the time. Best part was I sold absolute all time bottom (proof attached). Investing is hard.

Still selling $TRIL at basically all time highs makes up for this one (thx @srqstockpicker). I mean, I stopped trading these types of companies because you can literally lose everything. It's not worth it to find unicorns so many of them end up being zeros.

Meanwhile boring ass home builder stocks like $TMHC are on a tear. I bought a little bit when we started going through the process of building a home. Just unstoppable. Almost no one talks about these on Twitter or StockTwits which is a good sign, retail just chases shiny stuff.

Lesson I learned a bit ago is *literally everyone* is chasing tech and life sciences & you can find insane deals if you're willing to explore some less crowded sectors. Or you can go with the crowd and just buy stuff like $TSLA / $AAPL, but is so unimaginative. Why even bother?

Hope sharing is helpful, want you not to repeat my mistakes, not get sucked into cultstocks, avoid large positions w/ outsized risk, etc. We all know this stuff cerebrally but putting it into action is never easy. Took me 7 years to develop+stick to a process I feel good about.

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