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Residents of Yekaterinburg were vehemently opposed to the cathedral slated to be built in one of the city’s few green spaces, turning out in large numbers to protest the project.  https://lat.ms/2JTfDI9 

The protesters were a diverse group of people: skateboarders, moms with children, middle-class businessmen, pensioners. Police clashed with protesters, and dozens were detained. 📸: Alexei Vladykin/AFP/Getty Images  https://lat.ms/2JTfDI9 

By the second day, the protests in Yekaterinburg had become about something else. “Now it’s about people showing that they still have a voice, and the government needs to listen,” one protester said. 📸: Alexei Vladykin/AFP/Getty Images  https://lat.ms/2JTfDI9 

The protests and clashes grew daily, until thousands gathered, and the entire country took notice. On Day 4, Putin asked, “Are these people godless?”  http://lat.ms/2JTfDI9 

Yekaterinburg’s week of protests is the latest example of what happens in Russia when the Kremlin comes up against a civic consciousness outside its control. Construction has been suspended until the public opinion survey results are in.  http://lat.ms/2JTfDI9 

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