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THREAD: I didn’t think the Game of Thrones ending was great but I didn’t hate it as much as everyone else. I have seen very view people say exactly what they have rather seen. So I came up with my own final episode:

2. After Daenerys takes the throne, rumors start spreading that R+L=J.

Jon, realizing that Dany is the crazy auntie, goes back North to Winterfell. The lords of all the houses hear the rumor and swear their allegiance to Jon and declares him the true king.

With no nephew to molest, Dany gets crazier. She gathers the Unsullied, Drogon and the Dothraki and heads to Winterfell to face all the armies in the seven kingdoms in the second Battle of Winterfell.

4. When they meet on the battlefield, Jon and Greyworm square off. We finally get to see them battle. Greyworm gets the best of Jon and stabs Jon with the Unsullied spear

But the Lord of Light revives Jon AGAIN. When crazy eyes sees this, she yells “Dracarys!”

5. The Unsullied and the Dothraki see Jon Is made of asbestos too. They are SHOOK. Jon tells them if they REALLY want to be free they must join him to fight the one true threat:

They must either kill the dragon or the dragon queen. A world where both exist can never be safe.

6. The Unsullied start throwing spears at Drogon as the Dothraki chop at him with those curvy Ginsu knives but he is burning everyone up. Dany hops on Drogon and is ready to 🔥 🔥🔥Winterfell like she did in Kings Landing.

7. But Bran sees all of this on Ravenflix. He puts down the blunt, wargs into Drogon, who is severely injured from spears and Dothraki swords. Bran flies/wargs Drogon back to Kings Landing whole Dany rides on cruise control mad like Ronda Rousey on Wild Turkey.

8. Meanwhile, Jon tells Greyworm that he won’t cut his throat like Greyworm did the Kingsguard. Tyrion tells Jon to lock him up, and Arya agrees. She tries to tell Jon that Greyworm is gonna kill him because he’s loyal to Dany, but Jon lets Greyworm go.

9. Arya is upset with Jon. She tells him that as long as Greyworm lives, the Starks are in Danger. Sansa agrees, Bran is high. Jon sticks by his decision. Arya is so mad, she leave Winterfell for good. Brienne promises that she’ll protect Sansa. Everyone cries.

10. Greyworm arrives back in Kings Landing days later and tells Dany that he escaped but the rest of the Unsullied and the Dothraki have pledged their loyalty to Jon.

He promises to remain by her side. All Dany has left is a injured dragon, a burned,empty city and 1 Unsullied

11. The camera zooms out on Daenerys, sitting in the Red Keep, alone in a city that she destroyed, with no army and a hurt dragon.

But she got that throne, tho...

All of a sudden, you hear barking. And it gets louder. And louder.

12. Then the door flies open. It’s that same door in the throne room that Tywin pimped through after Blackwater.

Only this time, a pack of direwolves run in, led by Nymeria. They attack the injured Drogon and tear him to pieces.

13. Danerys stands there stunned, watching her last dragon die. She orders Greyworm to kill the dogs, he steps toward them and hesistates (you know black people dont fuck with white people’s dogs) BUT THAT AINT IT.

That ain’t een Greyworm.

That’s Arya in a Greyworm mask!

14. Unlike her punk-ass brother/stepcousin Jon, Arya ain’t with that mercy shit. She grabs Daenerys’ throat & says:

“I bring you greetings from Sansa Stark, warden of the north and Jon Stark, the one true king.”

As she slits Dany’s throat, she whispers: “The north remembers.”

15. Cut to Jon being crowned, cheered by the Lords of the United States of Westeros. He tells the Unsullied and the Dothraki to rebuild Kings Landing for themselves under Tyrion’s instructions. Jon stays in Winterfell and makes Sansa the first woman HOTK (he’s too dumb).

16. The last shot would be of A random man watching the coronation from afar. Jon notices the man and smiles. As the man gets on a white horse and leaves, he whistles and a pack of direwolves follow him.

It’s Arya.

17. As she rides into the sunset, she is softly repeating something to herself. It is barely distinguishable. The screen fades to black as it becomes clearer what she’s saying:

18. Again and again she says it:

“I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.”


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