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One of my favorite YouTuber @veritasium (5M subscribers) explains 3 problems creators face:

1/ They are constantly chasing the algorithm
2/ Clickbait is the key to virality
3/ Users don't see videos of channels they subscribed to

1/ Creators having to chase the algorithm is a disaster for independent ones, because it gives bigger companies a huge advantage (e.g., TheSoul publishing company creates 1,500 videos per month)

BTW my site  helps small creators hack the AI

2/ Clickbait being the key for virality creates a race to the bottom where YouTubers have to design their videos for clickbait

It doesn't have to be that way. I'll demonstrate it by creating an alternative by the end of the year that provides *provably better recommendations*

3/ As Derek said, the only way for users to be able to see quality channels is to curate their notifications.

It's hidden in the settings, so I dug the direct link: 

Thanks @veritasium for this #thoughtful and #useful video 🙏 

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