Guillaume Chaslot @gchaslot AI for good. / Univ Paris Est / Advisor at Center for Humane Technology / Ex-Google May. 22, 2019 1 min read

.@coffeebreak_YT shows how the trending tab is heavily biased towards TV channels, spoiling native YouTube creators

Let's try to investigate why this happens. 1/

Having worked at YouTube, I know they don't intentionally bias algorithms, but they can pick a metric and not investigate enough to see if it creates bias.

Here's my theory about it. 2/

In order to show something in trending, they probably check that the video doesn't offend people. This seems reasonable. 3/

TV channels design their shows to be seen by the whole family.

Native YouTubers have a more targeted audience, and can afford to be more aggressive sometimes. 4/

This would explain why sports get trending after very few views: nobody is offended by sports. 5/

They seem to have a definition of what is "offensive" that is much more strict in the US. Why? 6/

One thing for sure is that the metric they use for trending ends up biasing against independent YouTube creators.

Come on YouTube, it is ridiculous that @PhillyD appears so rarely in trendings! 7/

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