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It's estimated that 40% of Texas households own guns - the most per capita. Yet Texas has also had the most mass shootings in the US since 2009. Despite data proving otherwise, Texas lawmakers believe EVEN MORE GUNS is the solution to school gun violence. 

Last month, a police officer at a Mesquite high school unintentionally discharged his gun. In Milwaukee, a student was grazed by a bullet after an employee's gun discharged. In St. Paul, a student found a gun in a bathroom an employee had left unattended. 

Even Texas police oppose guns in schools. The Southlake Police Chief called guns in the hands of teachers a “nightmare situation,” citing the fact that even the best police officers see their accuracy decrease when trying to fight an armed suspect. 

And many parents and education experts fear that increasing the number of guns in schools will make Black and brown students — who are already disciplined at a disproportionate rate compared to their white peers — fear for their safety. 

“We’ve heard lawmakers say that putting guns in schools will solve the problem, but what we’ve actually seen is guns being misfired and mishandled in schools. When will our lawmakers finally realize that this doesn’t work?” Texas @MomsDemand volunteer Hilary Whitfield. #TxLege

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