Lynoure Braakman @Lynoure Lean sw dev with fondness for TDD, spotting and solving problems and helping teams work better. Addicted to short feedback loops. Working on @LeapOfLifeLEOLI May. 22, 2019 1 min read

The reason I'm posting less and differently at the moment is that I took part in a @BremenStartups Startup Weekend Women's edition. We, @LeapOfLifeLEOLI, got #3 place in the end!

Our team has 3 developers, so currectly, as we are still working on the MVP, we talk a lot internally. And given this all is so inspiring, tweeting on that feels less important than taking action on that. I'm aiming to blog about it at some point.

What we don't have so much is marketing expertise, so that's currently on my mind and on my twitter more than before.
I know "If you build it, they will come" is only true if you get extremely lucky. I don't like to rely on luck, if I can avoid it.

I will probably also be tweeting a tad more on startup and team things, when I have the time. This is the first time any of us is going into business as a team, though some of us have had a single business persons.

We are a distributed team, currently fully so. At the moment my focus is our tools of working. I have some idea on that already, like @RocketChat and @gitlab. If you work in a fully or partially remote team, I'm curious about your tool choices.

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