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L.A. lawyer Peter Schey has long been a defender of immigrant youth.

But since Schey opened Casa Libre, a shelter for migrant youth, it has frequently failed to meet basic requirements.  https://lat.ms/30xb9Nn 

Children have been locked out of Casa Libre for hours. At times, they have gone hungry. There was violence between the residents and break-ins, according to former residents and workers.  https://lat.ms/30xb9Nn 

Casa Libre has been cited 143 times for failing to meet standards — 89 that posed “an immediate risk to the health, safety, or personal rights” of residents.  https://lat.ms/2QimOe1 

Times reporters @theCindyCarcamo and @palomaesquivel interviewed 24 former employees and residents and reviewed hundreds of documents showing a pattern of neglect that persisted despite appeals for help.  https://lat.ms/30xb9Nn 

When asked about the high rate of violations at Casa Libre, Schey argued that other homes likely have a similar number.  https://lat.ms/30xb9Nn 

But records reviewed by @theCindyCarcamo and @palomaesquivel show Casa Libre has had 33 citations since 2017, more than any of the other 143 licensed group homes in Los Angeles County.  https://lat.ms/30xb9Nn 

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