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In the aftermath of the Weinstein scandal, Quentin Tarantino told @jodikantor he knew that Weinstein was a sexual predator and did nothing.

Now, he is the toast of Cannes while many of the women who were raped/assaulted/harassed by Weinstein still can't find consistent work

2. After Weinstein's long history of predation was revealed publicly, many people were falsely accused of knowing more than they actually did.

Quentin Tarantino knew and did nothing.


3. As I've said before, most folks knew he cheated on his wife. A smaller group knew he would engage in sexual harassment. A very small group knew he assaulted and raped women. Quentin Tarantino told @jodikantor he knew and he did nothing.  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/19/movies/tarantino-weinstein.html 

4. And a reminder that Quentin Tarantino told Howard Stern that the girl raped by Roman Polanski 'Wanted to Have It'


5. The men in the replies/DMs saying "you don't want Quentin to ever work again!" are telling on themselves. Never said that. I pointed out he admitted he knew about Weinstein's predation & is thriving. Meanwhile, the women who survived Weinstein's predation can barely get work

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