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Walk the length of Grand Avenue from Temple to 5th Street, and you’ll encounter one of the most vital arts hubs in the city. In this multi-part Times project, we take a tour of its past, present and future.  https://lat.ms/2wbIIXn 

Executive editor @NPearlstine writes about this Grand Avenue report, which features historical timelines, present-day assessments and photographs, bringing together a look at the place where the city of angels becomes the city of culture:  https://lat.ms/2QhfbVt 

At the report’s center is an essay by Eli Broad, of the Broad museum, the man who transformed Grand Avenue:  https://lat.ms/2JzE8uu 

Much of what we have come to associate with Grand Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood is relatively recent history. This timeline explores how it came to be:  https://lat.ms/2wczr11 

.@cmonstah writes of the former Bunker Hill neighborhood, and asks: What does it mean to “revitalize” something that we had a hand in extinguishing?  https://lat.ms/2JxOuv1 

.@jessicagelt writes that, “The Grand Avenue arts corridor may be perched on a hill, but the organizations that have come to define it believe their turf extends across Southern California — and beyond.”  https://lat.ms/2Qp23h7 

The four city blocks “contain an enticing thumbnail sketch of shifting ideas in mostly 20th century public art,” according to art critic @KnightLAT.  https://lat.ms/2Qgc3c7 

And they feature highlights — both little-known and must-sees, via @debvankin:  https://lat.ms/2M1unrd 

Music critic @markswed writes that, “To an important degree, Grand Avenue is Music Street.”  https://lat.ms/2X4TURu 

Justin Davidson writes an appreciation of Disney Hall:  https://lat.ms/2WZJdPO 

And, not to be forgotten, @AmyScattergood lists the 10 best spots to eat and drink in the area:  https://lat.ms/2YFIQdN 

Frank Gehry and others imagine a Grand Avenue that is a destination for everyone:  https://lat.ms/2WbfUwP 

And Sam Lubell asks: Can big names and big money make the Grand a great civic place?  https://lat.ms/2WlVxwN 

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