Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 @jennycohn1 Election security advocate & writer; attorney; published work in @WhoWhatWhy @NYRDaily @Salon #HandMarkedPaperBallots #ProtectOurVotes 🆘 May. 22, 2019 1 min read

🔥 Call to action! Banning internet connections & wireless modems in election equipment should be a “no brainer.” But @EACgov won’t even include this in their VOLUNTARY guidelines. This links to an email template asking them to shape up. Reply ✅ TY! 1/ 

2/ via @secureourvotes!

3/ I discussed the wireless modems that ES&Sibstalled in ballot scanners in FL, WI, IL, and presumably elsewhere starting in 2015 here: 


5/ From October 2018 via @ericgeller. #RemoveTheModems

6/ @RonWyden’s #PAVEAct would ban wireless and internet connectivity in election equipment. But the issue still needs a boost because @EACgov and vendors have misled the public into believing that this is not an issue. Let them know that the jig is up and that u demand action.

7/ Use  to ask your members of Congress to support the #PAVEAct as well. Thank you!


9/ Here’s a 10-item election-security check list to help you keep election-security action items in context. I hope it helps! Pls feel free to craft your own. 

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