Leo Polovets @lpolovets General Partner @SusaVentures (seed investor in @RobinhoodApp & @Flexport). Before: @Caltech → 2nd non-founding engineer @LinkedIn → @Google → @Factual. May. 22, 2019 1 min read

Idea for conferences: name tags that state your name and your most notable conference-relevant accomplishment.

- name + historical returns for investor conf
- name + biggest team you've managed for leadership conf
- name + your max sales in a year for sales conf

Motivation: sometimes people talk a great game but aren't actually good at what they be do. Other times, someone is amazing at what they do but isn't super compelling in person. This would help separate signal from noise.

Ok, lots of subtle and not so subtle problems with this idea. Thanks for the feedback, Twitterverse. :)

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