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Sirvan Moradi is living in suburban Seattle, learning English, starting a new job and trying to make friends in a place that has embraced him. But mostly he feels anguish for the family he left behind. More from @jaweedkaleem and @melissaetehad:  http://ow.ly/3q9430oNRTJ 

Moradi is one of just 103 Iranian refugees to arrive in the U.S. over the last seven months. Before the Trump administration made deep cuts to refugee resettlement programs, thousands of Iranians came to the U.S. each year. 📸: @bvdbrug  http://ow.ly/3q9430oNRTJ 

Three times since 2017, Moradi’s family was issued plane tickets to the U.S. from their temporary home in Turkey. Three times the tickets were cancelled without explanation.  http://ow.ly/3q9430oNRTJ 

Moradi’s father died last fall, after being told he could live the rest of his days in the U.S.  http://ow.ly/3q9430oNRTJ 

This winter, Sirvan Moradi and his aunt were handed airline tickets to the U.S. It’s unclear why they were approved and the rest of their family wasn’t. 📸: @bvdbrug  http://ow.ly/3q9430oNRTJ 

To keep in touch with friends back home, Sirvan opens up Instagram. In April, Sirvan uploaded an Instagram story of a video chat with his mom, shown on the left. “Until my mom tells me goodnight, I can't go to sleep. ❤❤" it said. 📸: Instagram  http://ow.ly/3q9430oNRTJ 

Moradi’s case is an example of how changes to the refugee settlement system have resulted in confusion and families being split apart.  http://ow.ly/3q9430oNRTJ 

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