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California is required to pay the wrongfully convicted $140 a day for each day behind bars. But receiving that money requires the exonerated to effectively prove their innocence to an obscure state board.  https://lat.ms/2M5Ssxb 

Because California provides exonerees with less state support than others released from prison, they are often nearly destitute when they are freed.  https://lat.ms/2JUn95s 

Those representing the state — legislators and career officials — have largely been loathe to favor exonerees for fear of paying taxpayer dollars to someone who may be guilty despite being free.  https://bit.ly/2WiQY6h 

A measure, Senate Bill 269, that would extend the types of exonerees that are automatically entitled to approval for payments, is working its way through the state Senate, @chabriaa reports.  https://lat.ms/2M5Ssxb 

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