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I'm having a deep refreshing drink of some delicious schadenfreude, because some "Gender Critical" feminists discovered that one of their more prominent voices in Ireland is actually a hardcore anti-abortion campaigner.

You know who was warning you about this? Trans people. 😉

Oh, you've had enough of finding out gender critical feminists aren't actually feminists? That they're working *against* reproductive rights and bodily autonomy?

Who could have warned you, I wonder? 🤔

Who could have possibly informed them that a movement dedicated to fighting against bodily autonomy would also be home to people dedicated to fighting against bodily autonomy? It's a pity nobody tried to tell them.

Oh god, if only someone had just informed them, maybe they wouldn't be so shocked? Why didn't anyone just let them know...? 👺

Imagine how gullible they'd feel if someone had let them know? Alas, nobody did. 🤠

The entire "gender critical" movement is about diverting energy towards the hatred of trans people, so the religious fundamentalist anti-abortion types leading it can go about stripping access to reproductive healthcare while you're busy posting penis stickers in public loos.

That's your "gender critical" movement right there, you gullible dupes.

A diversion orchestrated by the religious right, by religious fundamentalist groups like The Heritage Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, Hands Across the Aisle, WoLF, and others. You're useful idiots.

You can either be for bodily autonomy, or you can be part of the "gender critical" movement, but you can't be both.

For anyone wondering about the context of this, the person in question is calling into question the validity of the Irish abortion referendum, claiming it was "rigged" and that nobody wanted it. Yeah.

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