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Pretty telling (and an ominous sign for Democrats) that only 3% of Americans bothered to read the Mueller report. Are most people resigned to the fact that elections will be meddled in and that they should just focus on their families, jobs and businesses and hope for the best?

2. The other possibility is that after three years of Russia conspiracy coverage by media and Mueller declaring he was unable to establish existence of a conspiracy people are okay with not wasting mental bandwidth. Similar to how many have moved on from Lewinsky, Benghazi etc.

3. But not reading the Mueller report does not mean people are not influenced by media coverage post report and that could still influence their vote in 2020 just as it impacted Al Gore and Hillary Clinton after Lewinsky and Email/Benghazi respectively.

4. Probes of this magnitude do impact presidencies and could become the nuclear bomb in the arsenal of opposition parties; so we’ll likely see more of such large scale and politically damaging investigations no matter who takes the White House next.

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