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A series of Threads: Impeachment

I’ve written a series of threads on impeachment, how it works, and the dangers.

If you missed any, they’re here.

#1: One possible (and positive) outcome from impeachment proceedings: Dividing and splintering the GOP⤵️

2/ Some people say: “If we impeach, X will happen.” (Or if we don't, Y will happen.)

Be wary of absolutes. Nobody can predict the future with certainty.

This thread gives some dangers of impeachment. (It’s now a month old, so some things have changed.)

3/ What's impeachable?

Also: There are no quick solutions. There are good reasons to move forward with impeachment hearings (and it obviously will happen) but please don’t think it will solve the deeper, underlying problems or serve as a magic bullet.

4/ I did two threads on the idea that Trump wants to be impeached.

This doesn’t mean he wants to be REMOVED. I think he’s confident he has the Senate in his pocket.

Pelosi goaded Trump by saying he wants the House to impeach him. So I wrote this:

5/ In case anyone is missing my point, I am not opposed to impeachment. I feel confident that it will happen.

I am also in favor of moving forward in a careful, measured way fully cognizant of the dangers, while steering clear of the minefields.

6/ I'm also trying to get people to think in a more nuanced way.

It's possible (but unlikely) that impeachment will follow the same trajectory as it did with Nixon, Clinton, or Andrew Johnson.

Here I talk about why the comparisons Nixon are problematic⤵️

7/ @tafkak added to my discussion about why the Nixon era was different with good point. Television viewing habits were different. People watched a handful of stations. Basically everyone got their news from similar sources.

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