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The trade war between the U.S. and China is pushing some manufacturers to move factories out of China — not to the U.S., despite Trump’s insistence that tariffs will bring back U.S. factory jobs, but to a “second China” in southeast Asia.  https://lat.ms/2HIcLek 

Low-end manufacturers, facing rising wages and increased labor and environmental controls, had already started leaving China to seek cheaper labor and looser regulations. Trump’s tariffs are prompting them to move faster.

As cheap mass production gets squeezed out of China, some hope higher-quality companies will remain.  https://lat.ms/2HIcLek 

Rising affluence in Guangdong has raised wages and empowered workers to demand better labor protections. Millennials want freedom and meaning in their choice of work, not 18-hour days in a factory.  https://lat.ms/30dDurK 

Those who rely on U.S.-China trade for a living are not so confident in the future. Many who once worked on U.S.-China shipping have now shifted to work on the China-Vietnam line.  https://lat.ms/2HIcLek 

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