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At 97, Mo Kornfeld is the oldest active member of the 64,000-member U.S. Masters Swimming.  https://lat.ms/2WoxRrD 

In the water, her arms swing a bit stiffly. She doesn’t kick as consistently as her coaches tell her to. And her reach is restricted, as you would expect for someone who has logged nearly a century on land and water.  https://lat.ms/2WoxRrD 

But "the Mighty Mo" — outfitted at practices in a periwinkle one-piece, with matching toenails — makes up for imperfect form with relentless function. She holds 16 age-group world records, 26 U.S. bests and dozens of national championship titles.  https://lat.ms/2WoxRrD 

“She loves the feel of the water,” said Jim Montrella, who along with his wife, Bev, has become Kornfeld’s mentor and dear friend. “And she is ahead of almost everyone when it comes to attitude.”  https://lat.ms/2WoxRrD 

Read more from @raineytime on Mo Kornfield, the champion swimmer who didn’t learn to put her face in the water until she reached retirement age.  https://lat.ms/2WoxRrD 

Behind the story: Here’s how @raineytime learned about swimming and living a little from ‘Mighty Mo’  https://www.latimes.com/columnone/la-me-col1-senior-swimmer-maurine-kornfeld-20190523-story.html 

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