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I WAS going to vote against the racist maniac who happens to be one of the stupidest people on the planet, but after his opponents held him accountable for his crimes, his friends let him off the hook, and now he’s saying that makes him innocent, and that’s good enough for me.

I was going to vote for the extremely smart lady who has bold but reasonable detailed plans to address every major problem facing us but then I found out that she made some money in her career so now I think I’ll vote for the mobbed up slumlord who lives inside a golden brick.

Yes, and every single person who says it unironically is lying about the first part.

A lot of people are going to have specious excuses for votes they know are morally unsupportable but we would be naive to take those excuses at face value, and we’d be absolute fools to base any strategy on them

“Person who can be turned off by partisanship but is willing to consider Trump, the angry shout-mouth who hurls schoolyard taunts at his opponents, accuses them of treason, and leads chants to imprison then,” is a voting block you think exists in great numbers?


Do you know the block I think exist in great numbers? “Person who had assumed Trump was probably a criminal, but now they see that Even Nancy Pelosi®️ doesn’t want to impeach him, so they aren’t so sure.”

“Undecided about Trump” means “I’m voting for Trump, but I know how that looks, and I’m undecided on what to use as my excuse.”

Catering to them on their excuse won’t prevent them from making a different excuse. The excuse is a handy lie and nothing more.

Yes, exclusively made by people who don’t care about corruption at all, but know not to say so directly.

“Trump is corrupt but so are Dems they're all the same”

always carries the implicit epilogue

“and that’s why am voting for Trump”

but never

“and that’s why I’m voting for Democrats”




It’s almost like people are just lying to us and themselves for what they know are bad and selfish principles, using whatever is near at hand, and that says more about their character than the particulars of their excuses.

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