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We just won this year's #EuropeanPressPrize for Investigative Reporting!

A big thanks to our partners at @the_ins_ru is in order.

A happy dance too.

The "Unmasking the Salisbury Poisoning Suspects" investigation, as it has come to be known, began with a very unlikely RT interview.

In it, two men identified as Skripals poisoning suspects by the UK rather awkwardly discussed their love of the Salisbury cathedral spire.

This is how our investigation into this hot mess (we have no other term for it, frankly) began: 

And this is how the investigation progressed. 

We found out that awkward sports nutritionist "Ruslan Boshirov" was really GRU colonel Anatoliy Chepiga. 

We found out that Salisbury spire enthusiast "Alexander Petrov" was trained military doctor Alexander Mishkin. 

The Salisbury investigation was, to put it mildly, quite the journey.

Again, we are grateful to everyone involved.

And please stay with us as we continue to explore the mysteries of the universe — particularly the "spy operations in Europe" part.

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