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Looking for a mobile multi-currency crypto wallet that supports multiple HD wallets, has both segwit and non-segwit BTC addresses and is able to scan through whole HD directory of ETH addresses for funds.


- BRD - doesn't support multiple HD wallets
- CoinbaseWallet (Toshi) - doesn't support multiple HD wallets
- Trust Wallet - supports multiple multi-coin wallets, but is not able to sync btc, eth addresses properly

+ the closest to what i'm looking for. Supports multiple wallets. Supports both SegWit and old BTC addresses. Scans through all BTC addresses for funds.
- does not scan through all ETH address paths

+ supports both BTC and ETH really well - finds all funds in all addresses that belong to the same seed phrase
- does not support multiple wallets

+ Seem to support multiple wallets
- Still can't find all ETH addresses with funds
- UI is not the best ever, but it works

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