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Could help him win farm vote in 2020. China subsidizes its farmers to gain competitive advantage vs US. It recently announced more subsidies for soybean to cut dependence on US imports. All this could benefit the planet if countries don’t need to ship (CO2) agricultural products.

2. Big corn and soybean remain two key ingredients in pig 🐷 diets (soymeal) in US, China and elsewhere. China could certainly opt to import more soymeal from elsewhere, though researchers have found that US soymeal is superior to that produced by China, India, Argentina, Brazil.

3. Per research funded by support from the U.S. soybean associations. “U.S. soybean meal was significantly better in amino acid digestibility when compared with soybean meal from Argentina and India in particular…and better than Brazilian soybean meal”.

4. Soymeal however is unsuitable for young pigs (<40 pounds) so producers look at other — mostly animal-based — protein sources for young pig diets: Fish meal, milk proteins or poultry meal. But the world is running out of fishmeal because there are fewer fish to be caught.

5. Recent innovations in soymeal processing is making it possible to remove the anti-nutritional factors in soymeal and making it viable as a feed for young pigs. Funding more feed innovation could mean animal protein could completely leave pig diets within 10 years.

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