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The headline says these arms sales would benefit Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates” but doesn’t say it also benefits the US: Saudi Arabia and UAE arms spending over the last few decades has created millions of good paying jobs across the US and subsidized US military R&D.

2. Hard to measure true economic impact of Saudi Arabia and UAE’s military spending with the US (and allowing US troops to be stationed in the Persian Gulf region), but a conservative estimate is that this has created at least 6 million American jobs.

3. A good chunk of the $ Saudi and UAE spend on US military purchases funds our military R&D which often trickles into US commercial applications and products, including tech that is ultimately used by likes of Apple, Boeing, Google, Ford, GM, 3M, GE…

4. While military spending by likes of Saudi Arabia and UAE helps subsidize US offensive capability against Russia and China, we often forget how such military R&D also trickles into civilian and commercial US applications, further boosting US GDP: 

5. By selling commercialized applications of military tech (subsidized by Saudi Arabia+UAE via arms purchases), US companies generate tens of billions of dollars in revenues, taxes for local communities (public schools, kids lunches, playgrounds, parks…)

6. So while on the surface arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE can be spun as “evil” the truth is that the downstream impact of these sales to local communities is often not dissected and so the public is misinformed as a result.

7. If US stopped allowing Saudi Arabia and UAE to subsidize our military R&D by purchasing US arms, two things will happen:
* US taxpayers would need to shell out more (like in the 50s-80s)
* Russia, China, France would benefit from Saudi/UAE spending with them on comparable arms

8. So we have to look at the bigger picture. Media often does not do this to spice up the drama for clicks of how arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE have helped put US on top in terms of military capabilities vs Russia and China while increasing US GDP.

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