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1) This is my Q thread for May 24, 2019

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My Theme: The Circular Firing Squad

2) Additional art for this thread

3) Former President Barack Obama warned progressives they need to stick together and refrain from engaging in friendly fire, or what he called a "circular firing squad."

4) Moments ago, the President tweeted a cartoon showing Obama deep state conspirators blaming one another for the wrongs that were done to him.

5) The President has been signaling to us the fact that the deep state rats are turning on one another.

6) You might laugh at the foolishness of these people but we have the same problem in our own community.

7) A Superpac that was pointed out by Q has taken advantage of the distrust that runs through our movement.

After the Superpac posted old photos of me with their leader, I was accused of secretly working with the Superpac to undermine our movement. 

8) This week, the same accuser attacked a second leader in the Q movement.

Was anyone shocked when the Superpac then claimed that the accuser was one of their "plants," secretly working to destroy our movement?

9) I don't believe the accuser is a plant, by the way.

I believe he's just another Q researcher who didn't realize he was being used by the Superpac to accomplish their agenda.

10) The Superpac's strategy of attacking us from the outside failed,

So they developed a plan to get us to attack one another—to form a circular firing squad which would cause us to destroy our own movement from within.

It's up to us to decide if that agenda will succeed.

11) Last night, Q posted a link to an article about an event that's causing (more) panic in Washington [DC].

12) The article is about the long-awaited announcement by the President concerning the declassification of documents related to the surveillance of him and his campaign during and after the 2016 election. 

13) Note: The President gave Attorney General Barr full and complete authority to declassify any documents he believes will help the public understand what took place before and after the election.

14) Declassification will involve many departments.

The department heads can't deny the Attorney General access to documents or prevent him from declassifying a document if he deems it is appropriate to do so.

AG Barr has full and complete discretion. 

15) Before heading to Japan this morning, the President had this to say about his trust that the Attorney General will do the right thing regarding declassification.

🎤 drop

16) Carter Page's FISA application has been made public (in redacted form) but the FISA applications of others are still classified.

Q included a reminder from an earlier post that Ted Cruz was under FISA surveillance by the Obama administration.

17) Once a person in Trump's orbit met a Russian asset, they were a target of FISA surveillance. When FISA is combined with foreign surveillance, it includes many people. Targets were entered into the Mueller investigation to pressure them to remain silent about the surveillance.

18) An anon posted the previous drop where Q suggested Ted Cruz was spied on by the Obama administration.

19) Q responded to the above post with a suggestion that the public revelation of the fact that Ted Cruz was spied on by Obama will coincide with a post involving a watch.

20) We're waiting on a watch proof to be confirmed from previous drops from March 27.

Will the Ted Cruz spying proof be connected to the previous watches or future ones?

Time will tell.

21) After POTUS visits Japan, he's scheduled to visit the UK. An anon asked if he'll confront the Queen about how they assisted Obama in spying on him.

22) Foreign use of surveillance to spy on POTUS is already being addressed by the Department of Justice.

When a major player is about to depart the scene, Q sends them off with double hashtags and the word "FLY"

This post was a sendoff for Theresa May.


24) May resigns.

25) The nation responds.

26) @Nigel_Farage seems to be handling it okay.

27) Q linked to an article about GCHQ's Robert Hannigan who resigned 3 days after President Trump was inaugurated. 

28) George Papadopolous who says he was spied on by foreign nations at the request of the Obama administration believes those nations will fully cooperate with President Trump.

29) Papadopoulos said Italy was the first to flip on the Obama administration and the rest of the nations who were involved will soon fall in line.

30) Under normal circumstances, the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) would be tasked with declassifying documents.

Q asked why the President circumvented DNI Dan COats and instead, gave the Attorney General authority to declassify.

31) Dan Coats had this reaction to the declassification order by POTUS.

Former CIA Chief Brennan implored Coats and CIA Director Haspel to resist giving up information that might help Trump's cause.

32) You could read into Coats' statement a hint that he may resist Barr "in accordance with the long-established standards to protect highly-sensitive classified information that, if publicly released, would put our national security at risk,”

33) @themarketswork did a thread on DNI Coats and the declassification order by POTUS.

34) Dan Coats was responsible for declassifying the 99-page ruling by Judge Collyer on abuse of the NSA database and FISA surveillance.

35) In February, WaPo (citing anonymous sources) claimed that the President was considering replacing DNI Dan Coats. 

36) That article drew this response from Adam Schiff.

37) The leak to WaPo was probably a tactic intended to see how known traitors like Schiff would respond.

Schiff's response confirmed Trump's suspicion that Coats could not be trusted.

38) Q wrote:
"Important to remember.
Page is public."

39) Some people were confused about what Q meant by "Page."

40) Another anon responded.

41) Carter Page's redacted FISA application has been made public.

More FISA applications will be made public as a result of declass, which will expose the depth of Obama's surveillance and provide further proof of Q's legitimacy.

42) Since we'll be looking at more FISA applications in the future, I thought it would helpful to look at Carter Page's FISA application and point out some things of general interest.

43) A redacted copy of the original Carter Page FISA application and its 3 renewals can be found in a single pdf at the link below. (The original application is followed in sequence by the 3 renewals.)

This is the first page. 

44) Note the application was completed in October of 2016, just before the 2016 presidential election. (Exact dates have been redacted.)

The application was completed by an FBI Supervisory Special Agent whose name has been redacted.

45) The FBI agent who completed the application signed here and said he had verified the information to be true and correct. The agent's name is redacted.

46) The original (October 2016) Carter Page application was signed by James Comey on behalf of the FBI.

Comey also signed 2 renewals. The final renewal was signed by Andrew McCabe.

47) The original Carter Page FISA application was signed by Sally Yates on behalf of the DOJ.

Yates signed 1 renewal.

A subsequent renewal was signed by Dana Boente and the final renewal was signed by Rod Rosenstein.

48) The original Carter Page FISA application was approved by Judge Rosemary Collyer.

Judge Michael Mosman approved the first renewal. Judge Anne Conway approved the second renewal. Judge Raymond Dearie approved the final renewal.

49) The basis for the request for FISA surveillance was the assertion by the FBI that Carter Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power—specifically, Russia.

Interesting to note: Carter Page was never charged with a crime related to this allegation.

50) The FBI needed to establish the idea that Russia was a credible threat to the presidential election. James Clapper's public comments on a news show provided exhibit 1.

51) Exhibit 2 involved WikiLeaks publishing emails obtained from the Democratic National Committee.

Speculation by news organizations that the emails were hacked by Russia was used as evidence to support the narrative that Russia was a threat to the election.

52) Did Wikileaks get the emails from Russia?

Their policy is not to reveal their sources.
Julian Assange did confirm that the emails did not come from Russia or a state actor.

53) Q has long suggested that the emails in question were leaked by DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Assange didn't confirm that but his mention of Seth Rich in this interview would have no other logical purpose.

54) The FBI could not conclusively determine where the DNC/Podesta emails came from because they never examined the evidence.
The FBI claimed the DNC refused their requests for access.
Instead, they accepted Crowdstrike's report. 

55) An anon asked for info on Julian Assange and his arrest.

56) Q has suggested that Assange has the sources files that prove how Wikileaks obtained the DNC/Podesta emails. Assange is in custody for his own safety to prevent him from being murdered (187) by people who don't want that information to be made public.

57) The FBI alleged that Carter Page met with Russian officials according to a trusted source (identified as "source 1")

This is former British spy Christopher Steele, who was fired from the FBI as a source for leaking to the press but they still felt he was a credible source

58) Next, the FBI cited a July 2016 "Identified news organization" (WaPo Opinion) article that accused Donald Trump of softening his stance on Russia.

59) Here's the WaPo article cited by the FBI in the application. 

60) Next, the FBI cited an August 2016 "identified news organization" (Politico) article that insinuated Donald Trump had taken a "milder tone" on Russia's annexation of Crimea.

61) The Politico article cited in the Carter Page FISA application (which is little more than an anti-Trump op-ed) connected the alleged "milder tone" on Russia to the addition of Paul Manafort. 

62) The FBI's nail in the coffin:
A September 2016 article by "an identified news organization" alleging that Page was under investigation because of his previous trip to Russia reported by "an identified news organization."

Page denied the allegation.

63) The article was written by Michael Isikoff of Yahoo news.

The FBI seemed to think that as long as it was reported by "an identified news organization" it must be true. 

64) The Agent concluded that based on all this irrefutable evidence, Carter Page must surely have been a spy for Russia and surveillance of him was warranted.

(Remember, Page has yet to be chared in relation to his alleged activities on behalf of Russia.)

67) The latest from the former FBI Director.

68) To answer Comey's question:
Hopefully, the investigation of the investigators will uncover corrupt practices and further convince field agents and their supervisors to do their work by the book.

69) For those who are interested, Q first mentioned declassification in January of 2018 in this post where he claimed 13 government officials including Barack Obama used private email addresses for government work.

70) That claim was verified in June of 2018 when the DOJ Inspector General's report on the Hillary Clinton email investigation revealed that 13 people did indeed use private emails to communicate with Hillary. 

71) Q reposted a prior drop explaining that the public is aware of FISA and the Steele dossier but they are not (yet) aware of how the Obama administration used FiveEyes surveillance, decoy meetings and the insertion of spies to sabotage a political opponent.

72) FISA declassification will prove how members of Congress (Republican and Democrat), members of foreign & domestic intelligence agencies, members of the White House, foreign heads of state & the media collaborated to remain in power & overthrow a duly elected president.

73) This is the above post in a version that might be easier to read.

73) Nothing can stop what is coming.
DECLASS brings down the house.

74) On April 27th, Joe Digenova dropped a bombshell about a report on James Comey that was about to be made public.

75) Anons asked if the Comey report would come before declass.

Q indicated that Comey report [C] would come before declass [D].

(He had previously told us declass would come before the OIG report.)

76) Since the declass order was authorized by POTUS, anons were a little confused, thinking the Comey report should have come first.

77) Game theory plays heavily in Q's operation

He puts out disinformation to get the President's enemies to make mistakes.

That might be why Brennan, Comey, Clapper and Baker have been on TV the last 2 weeks trying to create their own narratives.

78) In the above post, Q wrote:
[C]oming soon.

Apparently, there is indeed a Comey report. and it's coming soon.

79) I'm going to guess this is a message from @M2Madness



The Daily Beast, the Daily Dot and other liberal news outlets like to publish hit pieces on Q and on people in the movement.

Other people like to publish videos trashing us.

As tempting as it is to post these articles and videos, we're not helping the movement when we do.

We're forming our own circular firing squad (just like the deep state).

Our haters have no social media relevance outside of our movement.
The only relevance they have is the relevance we give them.
They want us divided.
When we post their nonsense, we give them what they want.

Maybe we should consider not posting their trash anymore.


85) Q posted a link to a Tweet by @Ph03n1x24

Knowledge of Q's mission is publicly discussed in Japan but only covertly in China and South Korea.

86) Several Japanese patriots are translating Q posts into their language.

87) Logic dictates that if the mockingbird media and controlled assets attack Q, it's because he poses a threat to their agenda.

88) Nov 12, 2017: Q said the world entered a new age of enlightenment.
I do not interpret this as confirmation of New Age philosophy but rather, a public awakening to the reality of global corruption. The context is an intelligence war.

2 days ago, POTUS used the same words.


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