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(NOTE) There was *such* an effort by the FBI to hurt Trump pre-election that it:

(1) Illegally leaked info to his campaign
(2) Broke protocol to reopen a case against his opponent
(3) Immediately fired/reassigned anyone biased against him
(4) Told no one it was investigating him

(NOTE2) The FBI plot against Trump was *so* wild it involved:

(5) Lying to media on whether Trump was being investigated
(6) Sitting on duplicate HRC emails to better pretend 12 days preelection her case had to be reopened
(7) Cutting ties with Steele ASAP when he spoke to media

(NOTE3) It *really* strains reasonable suspicion—the *lowest evidentiary standard*—to investigate just because:

(8) 7 Western intel agencies tell you over 7 months that Trump aides are meeting secretly with Russians
(9) Trump publicly asks Russia to commit crimes against America

(NOTE4) If you're in US media and you discuss this Trump/Barr plot against America and its law enforcement as anything other than one of the gravest threats to American rule of law in many decades, QUIT YOUR JOB. This is a foul and *dangerous* violation of Trump's Oath of Office.

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