Leandro @Leandro8209 Working on creating simplicity through technology | Co-founder @UnuboHQ May. 25, 2019 1 min read

Exactly, or they'll say that luck played a large part in their success.

But listen, I actually love it when people succeed, I really do. I can see someone I don't even know make it, and I'll cheer them on!

Where things get weird for me, is when they all of a sudden have this overly structured view of how to succeed.

I find this misleading, especially as a lot of people look up to and sometimes glorify people who succeed - following this structure they lay out, to the letter.

Not everyone does this of course, but too many do, and they really shouldn't.

I'm more a fan of people sharing their story, and then it's up to us to extract whatever learning we can from that... or not.

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