My week in a sentence: The people on Twitter are outstanding. But spending time with them offline is even more outstanding.

First... thanks for @EricJorgenson for hosting me in Kansas City.

Second... thanks to @BrentBeshore and @patrick_oshag for two unfortgettable days in Columbia, Missouri.

@TheCapitalCamp was basically Twitter in real life.

(But with camp activities, 5-star food, and endless intellectual conversations)


And now... a day in New York with Tom McCarthy (@FusorFusion).

He’s a 19 year-old physics student in Ireland.

Check out his insane story in the photo below.

We are crushing it today.

Started with a 45-minute bike ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Then we walked through SOHO and Washington Square Park.

And now we’re in the rare books room at The Stand bookstore talking about infrastructure on Mars.


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