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Yes, I shifted emphasis from #HandCountedPaperBallots to #HandmarkedPaperBallots. I wrote the thread below explaining why. But the main 2 points are in these screen shots. There’s no right answer IMO. But I believe the shift helped me move the needle. I’ll continue assessing. 1/

2/ Thread.

3/ Again, I may shift emphasis back to hand counting at some point. But for now I’m messaging #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a necessary but by no means sufficient component of election security & transparency.

4/ Here’s a recent article I wrote with ten security and transparency goals. Feel free to provide comments and suggestions. Thanks. 

5/ Synopsis of election-security goals (from my article):

6/ I wrote this thread because I’m asked about this a lot lately. I’m not “sure” my strategy has been the right one. But I’m pretty sure that it has. Whether another shift in strategy makes sense for me at some point soon is a different issue.

7/ Pls always feel free to let me know if you disagree. I want to get this right. Thanks. #ProtectOurVotes

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