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Could this be related?! “ES&S installed wireless modems in precinct-based scanners [in] FL, WI, & IL starting in 2015...[B]ad actors could use...cell-tower simulators, such as stingrays, to intercept and alter vote tallies during wireless transmission.”  1/

2/ For those who don’t know already, Rove is the Forest Gump of suspicious election activities and activities. If Forest Gump were evil that is... Thread.

3/ About Jeb...

4/ Jeb.

5/ Jeb and the 2000 Bush v Gore election.

6/ Jeb’s former running mate (Feeney) and the 2000 election.



9/ via @KimZetter and @NYT

People wonder how it would be possible to coordinate an election attack across multiple counties. One way is remote access to the county tabulators. Another is wireless communication with the county tabulators. Vendors have enabled both options.  10/

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