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We're facing a clear and present, growing, politically empowered, global, far-right movement of white supremacy.

We've seen their kind before. They think their time is coming back.

As long as our conversation centers around civil discourse with this movement, they'll be right.

Everyone who told people a few years back they were overreacting for sounding the alarm...are going to keep telling people they're overreacting for sounding the alarm.

Because what they were saying then, as now, is not "the danger isn't real" but "I don't care either way."

To be clear, the Republican Party of the US—their platform of authoritarian cultural supremacy, their recognition of Donald Trump as their leader—has been a global and national catalyst for politically organized white supremacy and white supremacist terror.

Just to be clear.

They're going to keep saying "you're overreacting" until it's time to say "there's no way we could have known."

Correct. It doesn't take many violent ones. It just takes a lot of people to go on thinking "it'll never happen" until they can start thinking "oh well it's too late now."

And people who want an apartheid state in the US don't have to do much more now than simply float along and take the convenient advantage as it comes.

Again, there is historical precedent for the Republican Party.

We've seen their kind before:

We've seen this kind before.

All we can do is stand up.

Organize, donate, protest, vote.

Refuse to accept the narrative that this is acceptable.

Refuse the temptation to make a false peace for the sake of comfort.

Refuse cooperation.

Don't trust those who won't be angry.

And: Refuse to believe that doing so can't make a difference.

Refuse to believe the lack of momentary results mean doing what is right is useless.

Remember, a river takes a mountain cliff by unseeable increments, and then all at once.

Belonging to any of this world's anti-human supremacist nationalist parties requires a great moral vacuum.

Such movements sow the seeds of their own destruction—but we can help those seeds grow.

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