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Tried to be productive in studio today but didn't work out. Still have something for you, here's a track that didn't make the cut of my last album (but still came out neat) that was gathering dust in my drafts folder. 

If you haven't heard the actual new album, it was between the above and this track for song 8 if you're curious how I make these decisions ...feel like this fit the vibe of the project a lot better, more warm/organic. 

Meanwhile there's still no good vehicle for unknown artists to share their work. Entire lifetime of my SoundCloud has just 40K plays which is dismal. 40K views of a *single* blog post back when was writing those daily was so easy. SC should really have a sponsored tracks product.

Other prob is so many diff places people listen to your tunes as an artist now. All these favicons are diff streaming products you distribute to. Many services do this. Distribution is solved. We need discovery. An 'about me' style page for artists seems like a good product idea.

Like one really beautiful artist homepage that embeds tunes from your platform of choice, clearly links the others, offers subscribe features, etc. SoundCloud and Spotify are too limited to do this, if you heavily market those pages you miss users who don't stream through them.

Also you could build some sort of marketing automation platform for artists on the back-end to give the same power enterprises and even small businesses have to maintain communication with users. Why not give everyone the same tools? It'd be so easy to do and so powerful.

Anyway hope someone does work to make discovery for indie artists at least a *slightly* better experience than we have now. Given I've done online marketing for 2 decades & this still frustrates me to this point, it's a huge opp. Also what hope do indies w/o marketing exp have?

SoundCloud is in theory best positioned to build something truly revolutionary for artists. Although they'd have to rethink some things & consider the artist perspective not just labels. I've written op eds on them, they bias to labels which isn't helpful. 

One more post here that's less nerdy and we can end this thread because I can't do these anymore without seeing red. I think it's important to read a little on the broader context of how risk-averse, litigious institutions got us here in the first place. 

Was annoyed enough at state of music sector for indies today I fleshed out a strawman of a presentation that could serve as a VC pitch, or I'll publish it in hopes someone else just does it. Chat w/friend who does music full time pushed me over edge. It doesn't have to be broken!

There are not really any limitations on what we can do here to build markets and industries online (esp for things like digital media, in theory that should be the easiest bc it's native). Enough of us just have to want it.

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