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Everyone who reads the Mueller Report must agree on 2 things:

(1) It doesn't establish beyond a reasonable doubt a before-the-fact conspiracy between Trump and the Internet Research Agency or the GRU.

(2) It establishes Trump campaign-Russia collusion beyond a reasonable doubt.

Therefore—as the fact that Mueller's report establishes Trump committed obstruction has been testified to publicly by 1000+ federal prosecutors of both parties—the Mueller Report has 2 chief conclusions:

(1) Trump committed obstruction.
(2) Trump's campaign colluded with Russia.

Thus: If you haven't READ the Mueller Report, don't DISCUSS the Mueller Report. And if you HAVE read the Mueller Report, you KNOW that it establishes that Trump committed obstruction and his campaign colluded with Russia. Any other summary of the Report is propaganda and risible.

(4 of 4) The ONLY question remaining is if Trump or anyone on his team committed collusive crimes BESIDES conspiracy—like bribery, aiding and abetting or money laundering. Mueller didn't investigate such crimes. The counterintelligence report we haven't seen yet may resolve this.

PS/ I have NO idea why every media story on the Mueller Report doesn't begin by saying that it establishes that Trump committed obstruction and that his campaign colluded, and that we're now simply waiting on a counterintelligence report regarding non-conspiracy collusive crimes.

PS2/ What American media has done INSTEAD is play the Trump campaign's risible propaganda on the Report—"no collusion and no obstruction"—wall-to-wall, and THEN the media wonders why half of America is misinformed and even the informed half doesn't trust media. Well, THIS is why.

PS3/ Those reading this thread will note that I didn't say the "conspiracy" question is closed—only the narrow form of conspiracy that Mueller looked at. Conspiracy to commit bribery? Conspiracy to launder money? That form of conspiracy charged as aiding and abetting? Still OPEN.

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