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No offense, but whoever wrote this part of the survey probably has no idea how systemic racial bias works. Like, at all

The framework that the second question sets up (either qualifications OR "diversity") is literally just white supremacy, but go ahead with your poll I guess

Total lack of understanding about race, period, actually. You can't ask a question like "should employers ignore race and focus only on qualifications" in an unsolicited poll because the idea of "ignoring race" is too highly variant depending on the respondent.

Many POC don't want our races invisibilized because we bring culture and experiences outside of the white sightline to the table. Does "ignore race" mean you ignore that experience, which might actually be part of "qualifications?"

On the flip side, whiteness is seen in this culture as deracialized; the state of not having a race. So when I hear "ignore race," it sounds like "ignore racialized people," or "favor white folks." But that's not how it reads to whites.

These questions are insufficient in background and therefore can't lead to any analyzable results. They assume a proper and deserved rank of white folks over people of color, or at the very least, assume that whites can be judged solely on qualifications, while others can't.

If the Pew Research Group can't even have a bare minimum of their shit together to create polls free of embedded white supremacy, can't have much hope in the policies that their industry-leading polls often contribute to.

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