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A lot of folks talking about the 1 year anniversary of Ireland's historic #repealthe8th vote, and highlighting the grassroots efforts that went into it. But did you know that TERFs actively tried to intervene and prevent us from repealing our archaic 8th amendment?

UK based "gender critical" activists tried to hold talks in Ireland ahead of the referendum. It prompted the "TERFs Out" letter as a response, a strongly worded rebuke of their position that rejected interference from the dubiously motivated organisers: 

The letter resulted in them cancelling their plans to hold these talks here, which left Irish feminists to focus entirely on the repeal effort, and not get waylayed by arguments over trans inclusion in the campaign for reproductive rights, which people suspected was the intent.

This turned out to be a massive bullet dodged, because those activists that wanted to hold talks ahead of our referendum? The very same folks who ended up being outed as working for religious fundamentalist organisation The Heritage Foundation.

At the time, Irish feminists were routinely harassed by UK "gender critical" activists on twitter. To characterise their attitude towards Irish women as hostile and abusive would be an understatement. They were vile.

The sheer antipathy towards Irish people fighting for reproductive rights was astonishing, they were relentlessly abusive, vile, and sneeringly condescending. This was what British "feminists" were doing while we fought to secure abortion rights.

There were fake accounts being made, supposedly "trans" people, that were trying to cause fights in the repeal discussions, but they were easily outed as sockpuppets of the anti-abortion campaigners.

It felt at the time like a coordinated effort to create infighting.

Some "feminists" were saying "I was going to vote yes, but unless you drop this trans nonsense, I'm going to vote no!"

Later it was discovered that they were actively canvassing for the anti-abortion side all along.

Anti-abortion activists wanted to create division and infighting in the repeal campaign to try and prevent the 8th from being repealed. Transphobia was being used as a wedge to divide and conquer. But Irish feminists rejected that interference, and secured a historic victory!

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