Matthew Ball @ballmatthew Venture investor, strategist, essayist, that guy on Twitter. Prev. Head of Strategy @AmazonStudios, ex-Otter Media, @MediaREDEF. 🇨🇦 May. 27, 2019 1 min read

The worst part of these needless remakes of Western titles such as 'Robin Hood', 'King Arthur', 'Wizard of Oz', 'Dracula', etc.

Is the self-justifying expository narration that demands we "FORGET WHAT WE *THINK* WE KNOW" and prepare ourselves for "THE TRUE STORY"

The new 'Robin Hood' opens in what is blatantly 2005 Iraq, inclusive of machine gun crossbows and RPG-styled devices that launch 10 targeted bolts at a time.

Not even kind of kidding.

Classic 'Robin Hood' right here

Lol, the Sheriff's party is guarded by Dobermanns, another 20th century product

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