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Yesterday, I did a thread on ten places to check out in Rome that aren't *completely* overrun by tourists. Today, I'm doing Prague, since it won the poll I ran at the end. Good thing I love the place! Here's ten cool places to see in and around the Czech capital!

10. Sedlec Ossuary - Ok, a bit out of town, but needs to be seen. Created at the start of the 18th century out of bones that had been buried at the Church of All Saints, this is the mother of all 'memento mori'. A grisly masterpiece of arranged bone!

9. U Medvidku - I don't usually put restaurants on these lists, but this place has been brewing beer since the 15th century. Amazing brews and pork dishes served within.

8. Loreta Monastery - Built around a replica of the 'holy home' (Jesus's house), this monastery exemplifies the Baroque period of art turned up to 11. Look for the exhibition about the burial crypt with macabre black and white paintings!

7. Old Town Bridge Tower - Charles Bridge is one of the city's icons, but not many people know you can visit a museum in one of the towers that interprets the medieval (and occult) symbology adorning the interior and exterior.

6. Alchemy Museum - During the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, Prague attracted 'alchemists' from across Europe. This place may look like a tourist trap, but they really have done their homework! Plenty of history along with the cool effects.

5. Our Lady Before Tyn - One of the city's symbols, located on Wenceslaus Square. A gothic church, with a beautiful baroque makeover within. Look for the grave of seminal astronomer, Tycho Brahe.

4. Petrin - Large hill overlooking the left bank of the Vltava, offering sensational views of the city. Bit of a funny feeling up there - probably why they used to do human sacrifices on the hillside.

3. Strahov Monastery - This monastery has existed since the middle ages, but during the 17th and 18th centuries it amassed a huge library and art collection that are an absolute paradise for art lovers. Worth a good few hours.

2. Old New Synagogue - You know the story of the Golem? Well, Rabbi Loew apparently has him sleeping still in the attic - look for the trapdoor and ladder outside. Within, a spectacular early synagogue - a real treasure!

1 Our Lady Underneath The Chain - Oldest church on the left bank, founded in 1100s. Named for the chain used to block the river from attackers. Used by the Order of St John and has many burials. Try to watch a service with everyone in regalia!

Hope you enjoyed that. Where next?

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