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If these objects were extraterrestrial, they wouldn't only appear to US pilots. Mundane explanations are harder to sustain if this is happening to other nations (with different aerial tech). Maybe it's time to find a mutually agreeable way to ask if other nations are seeing this?

1/ IOW, if we could somehow confirm—and I understand nations don't like to share this sort of intel, but at least our allies might—this is only being seen by US pilots, case closed! It's not extraterrestrial. US exceptionalism aside, UAPs are *not* only going to focus on America.

2/ Whereas the US military's mundane explanations—e.g. glitches in our military technology, not that that explains naked-eye sightings—would become instantly far more plausible if none of our allies are seeing anything like this. Why doesn't the NYT delve deep into that question?

3/ (In case you couldn't tell, I *don't* believe this is extraterrestrial. I'm not sure I'd even entertain that possibility until someone convinced me that this is a worldwide phenomenon. Anyone who thinks this could be extraterrestrial and only happen to America isn't thinking.)

PS/ I know there are sightings around the world. I'm talking about sightings using advanced military technology unlikely to "fail" in this way across systems, plus trained pilots who are engineers seeing such things around the world. If that's confirmed, this becomes interesting.

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