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Bank Holiday thread: some points to those saying that whatever happens next has to be about future & not past. As much as we’d all like to put the EUref in a box & bury it, it’s not possible. What happened in 2016 is going to play a crucial role in whatever happens next...

Nigel Farage is not hanging out at West Kent golf club in his spare time. And his referendum campaign did not succeed because of a bit of British pluck & some Blitz spirit. It was intimately entwined with these two men. Who are not going anywhere

There’s idea among political class that it’s a ‘mistake’ to ‘harp’ on about EURef. And that ‘you can’t tell people they were duped.’ But all this shows is a fundamental - if understandable - failure to understand this complex story. And why it’s so vital that we know the truth

This is not about one election. It’s global & systemic. But we have to start with this election. To face up to what happened. Because are entering dark & dangerous times & our front door is wide open. Our laws don’t work. And the bad guys are smarter & more ruthless than us

No-one was ‘duped’. Our country was attacked. From inside & out. We haven’t even begun to reckon with what that means. Because reporting of it is still a niche sideshow. Because most politicians have no clue. And because it serves party interests (both Lab & Cons) to ignore

If you’re not on social media & get your news from News at 10 & Today & Times, you’ll likely know nothing of this. A non-hypothetical example from my weekend. The reason this isn’t a political issue is not that people don’t care about it, it’s that they don’t know about it

We have to try & protect ourself. And to do that we need solidarity. We need to hold the line. To come together & agree our national security is paramount. That rule of law is sacrosanct. And that our sovereignty should & must come first

We are at critical juncture. And what we do now will define us as a country and as individuals forever.I believe that only if we have truth can we have justice. And start the long road to bringing Britain back together. United against the fuckers who fucked with us

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