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Even if Congress were to abolish the 14th Amendment, technology has made farm and factory slave life much more livable than it was in 1864.

Hey, hi. I’m stupid.


I always get the amendments that modern Republicans want to abolish confused.

Anyway if Republicans brought back slavery, there’d be normalizing news stories like

Slaveowners Suffer Social Backlash


Heartwarming: Slave Who Works Every Weekend Given Daughter’s Birthday Off

because whatever is happening has to be made normal.

I’m not joking.

I think Republicans have proved this is exactly what they want to do, and the 19th as well. They couldn’t be much more clear about it.

Once they’ve rolled back the Civil Rights Act, the rest of the Voting Rights Act, Brown v Board, Obergefell, Loving v Virginia, etc, they’ll start saying so out loud.

Oh so the party that keeps wanting to relitigate the Civil War on behalf of the Confederacy *doesn’t* want to overturn the legal result of the Civil War?

They are determined and serious if you ask me.

Again, what Republicans want is, quite literally, to restore slavery.  https://psmag.com/social-justice/anti-immigrant-policies-are-returning-prisoners-to-the-fields 

What you can expect to see, in a society that has determined life must be earned, that profitability is fungible with moral value, that violence redeems, is a growing sense that those who can't provide profit should die, but that before they die, they should suffer, and be used.

What you can expect to find, in a society that has determined we don't live in relation to one another, and that profit is how we earn life, is a penal system handed over to profit.

Such a society would think cheap labor is good. But that free labor is very, very good.

Any venture handed over to the profit motive of privatization becomes a venture dedicated to growth.

And so, in a society in which prisons have been privatized, human imprisonment is subject to growth.

And new crimes and harsher sentences are new products.

Republicans are trying to bring slavery back.

They aren't defending Confederate monuments by accident.

They'd like to win the lost cause.

Trying to catalog all the ways one would have to suspend their critical thinking to hold the assumptions necessarily to ask this question in this way ...

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