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It’s possible that these UFOs are likely top-secret next generation US reconnaissance or military aerial vehicles that are being deployed in the vicinity of military aircraft to determine whether they could be detected (a real world test) by conventional and contemporary means.

2. While articles about UFOs 🛸 make good clickbait most UFO sightings usually are super-secret military aircraft. 

3. Next generation military aircraft won’t necessarily need to “achieve hypersonic speeds” they merely need to trick human eyes and conventional tracking systems into believing that the aircraft is flying at hypersonic speeds or is a UFO via hologram projections or other means.

4. US military has looked at holography as a weapon for “augmenting or manipulating reality to confuse and deceive the enemy” and in the future it would be possible to create a deceptive holographic army or a holographic concealment in aerial battlefield. 

5. The military has already awarded contracts for holographic 3D projections so what better way to test these UFOs out than by projecting them near navy aircraft or other military aircraft to see whether trained pilots could be deceived.

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