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Disneyland Paris will officially sponsor “Magical Pride” on June 1 — the first time a Disney theme park will sponsor a gay pride event.  http://ow.ly/9aZQ30oQ4t1 

Sponsoring “Magical Pride” marks a dramatic shift for Disney. Disney’s parks in the U.S., Japan and China allow independent groups to stage gay-themed events, but Disney hasn’t advertised, promoted or organized them — until now.  https://lat.ms/2wrw0DL 

Gay Days at Disneyland in Anaheim began 22 years ago, founded by Eddie Shapiro and Jeffrey Epstein. The event drew about 30,000 visitors last year.

“Gay Days Anaheim” organizes Gay Days in October with Disneyland’s support, but the group prefers not being obliged to get the park’s blessings for every detail of the celebration.  https://lat.ms/2wrw0DL 

Disneyland sells merchandise decorated with rainbow designs during Gay Days. Some fans say it is time that Disney embrace the events by acknowledging them on its website and social media feeds.

“Disney does help and provide some support on some level with the Gay Days events but I do believe it will only be a matter of time before they fully embrace it as they have in France,” said Disney expert Aaron Goldberg.  https://lat.ms/2wrw0DL 

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