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Cathrine Schmid longed to be a soldier. To wear the uniform her grandfather wore.

She had a secret reason too: to belong somewhere that would suppress her innermost self.  https://lat.ms/2I10ZvX 

That was 14 years ago, when, as a man, she enlisted. Schmid wore the uniform and guarded her secret self at military bases in Missouri, Arizona, Germany, Kansas, Florida, Iraq, Washington and Korea.  https://lat.ms/2I10ZvX 

The Army didn’t change her, hard as it, and she, tried.

Instead, in eventually becoming herself, Schmid took part in a still uncertain effort to change the Army.  https://lat.ms/2I10ZvX 

But now, the military that embraced Schmid has been directed once again to shun soldiers like her.

@DavidCloudLAT reports on her story:  https://lat.ms/2I10ZvX 

Schmid joined the lawsuit filed against the new ban in federal court in Washington, declaring in an affidavit that Trump’s action “throws my future and livelihood into jeopardy.”

From @MelissaGomez004, a timeline of transgender soldiers and the military:  https://lat.ms/2wlJlh5 

“I had traveled all the way to South Korea thinking I would report a story about a soldier who was an outcast. But I began to see that wasn’t the full story. At least in her immediate circle, the Army had embraced Schmid.”

@DavidCloudLAT behind the story:  https://lat.ms/2Ka4oez 

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