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Laura Ingraham gave a Nazi salute at the Republican national convention.

There is very little, even in this very creepy time, that is creepier to me than people who insist the thing we all saw happen didn’t happen.

Go ahead and show me all the still photos of people at the apex of their wave, as if that somehow offsets crystal clear video of someone raising their stiffened arm at a 45° angle from the shoulder at an enormous picture of an authoritarian demagogue.

I love to wave to people like this:

There sure is!

Just going to ignore the video heh

Certainly seems odd that the first time someone would ever accidentally make that very distinctive unnatural gesture would be while giving a political speech at a rally on behalf of a fascist.

Laura Inraham gave a Nazi salute at the Republican national convention.

She did it to show that she could.

All the logical fallacies at once.

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